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At Fit 4 Farming we like to give our all and the recent 800km Dynamo Events BDO Wellington to Auckland cycle race is case in point. Hard day in day out for our Fit 4 Farming ambassadors taught us about testing your physical boundaries and the benefits of staying on the bike. A 2nd pace finish in the corporate challenge rounded off a great week.



A FIRST EVER 12 HR WORLD RECORD MILKING ATTEMPT in March. Follow us on the facebook page for updates as we build up to the attempt tpo milk 4000 cows by one person through rotary sheds.

CORPORATE FUN RUN in conjunction with THE COUNTRY in June

National RURAL CYCLE TOUR in March 2018

Check out these great events coming up in your areas. 





Join Otorohanga dairy farmer Hamish Lile from Fit 4 Farming for a recreational cycle ride on Tuesday January 31st and experience the new style farm discussion group.
Meet : Farmsource Otorohanga
Time: 10.30am
Distance: 15 – 20km
Bring: Roadworthy bike ( Mountainbike will do), helmet, water sense of humour.
Lycra optional but remember those with padded shorts have the last laugh



Becoming more active opens up a whole new life for yourself.



There is a process that occurs as you improve your fitness. Whether it is meeting new people or getting enough confidence to enter a bucket list event, your life does change for the better.

You begin to take notice of your body, the aches and pains in your muscles, the change in what you want to eat and the added energy level you feel. You begin to face problems in a different manner, you stop avoiding issues because you have a new level of self-belief  in yourself and what you can accomplish.

All of this does not come easy but that is the beauty of it. Stress on your muscles builds strength and endurance and it is the same with your emotional and mental state. You need to become uncomfortable to take it to the next level so be patient and enjoy your recovery periods and the new experiences.

And remember growth comes beyond the point where you used to stop.


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