The Fit 4 Farming Trust was formed in 2014 and has established itself as a trusted and dedicated organisation to improving rural health and wellbeing.  We promote balancing work with an active lifestyle to improve health and happiness.

Our vision is to see New Zealand as the fittest healthiest farming nation in the world.

The Fit 4 Farming logo portrays the work boot and the running shoe representing the balance between work and recreation.1960027_451481651666105_8164241458329535231_n

The name Fit 4 Farming embodies personal wellbeing and the ability to perform your job at the best of your capability.

Rationale behind our method

Active people

  • have a positive attitude to life
  • confidence in decision making
  • better time management
  • create positive cultures
  • contribute to their communities.

Active people also

  • have better metabolism
  • lower blood pressure
  • can manage their weight better which equates to better health.
  • will potentially suffer fewer injuries
  • have less ‘burnout’ and will stay in the industry for longer which must be good

The only way to improve physical fitness is to be active, therefore we do not offer sit down workshops or courses

We aim to

  • be innovative and creative with our projects and events
  • promote other events for rural people to participate in
  • work with other organisations to promote health and wellbeing

So far we have….

Achievements in 2016 include;

  • 600 farmers and rural people attended community events during the 2016 Farmstrong Fit4Farming rural cycle tour of NZ.
  • Jointly initiated the Farmstrong challenge where 1003 people walked, ran or cycled 633,216 kms in 12 monthsvolunteer-awards-ianhandcock
  • 2016 Winner of Ministry of Health Volunteer award for a NGO
  • Finalist in the 2016 Bike to the Future awards held in Auckland.
  • Winner of a Leadership in Sport and Recreation award at the Sport Waikato Sports Awards
  • Finalist in the Brian Perry Sport Waikato Regional Sports Awards – category – Innovation in Sport and Recreation. To be held January 2017

We have also discussed promotion of unhealthy foods in promotional material with Farmsource who have agreed to revise their marketing strategies.

Check out our updates and Facebook page for new events and projects.